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  • Добавлено: 27 Сентябрь 2018
  • 88 грн.
  • Производитель: Не знаю
  • Состояние: новая
  • Описание: Нові книги для дітей.
    Вартість 88грн/шт.
    кожна книжка 24-стор.Вік 3+,розмір 26см*28см, видавництво Little Tiger Press.
    Доставка :самовивіз Київ, або Нова Пошта (за домовленністю).

    1)Gruff the Grump
    One morning, Gruff the Grump meets a little rabbit clinging to a branch, clutching a fallen star. The little rabbit is trying to rescue all the stars she keeps finding, and needs a big, kind friend like Gruff to help. Gruff certainly doesn´t want a friend but the rabbit is rather determined.

    2)Yuck! That´s Not a Monster!
    When Mr and Mrs Monster´s three eggs hatch, the first two monsters are FRIGHTFUL and HORRID. Mr and Mrs Monster are delighted! But then the third monster hatches and he´s fluffy and cute and PINK! Oh no...

    3)The Not-so Scary Snorklum
    Over the hill stomped a huge, hungry Snorklum. “I AM THE SCARY SNORKLUM,” he roared “And I am going to have Mole sandwich for tea, with a little salt and pepper and chunky pickle.” But the Snorklum is scared of something too! Why do his knees knock, his tail twitch and his whiskers wibble in a worried sort of way?
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