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книги Collins Big Cat Reading
  • Добавлено: 05 Ноябрь 2018
  • 47 грн.
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    Жанр Детские
    Язык Английский
    Тип обложки Мягкая
    мяка обкладинка.16стор, застосований метод фонем,для діток які тільки тільки починають читати(або роблять це з допомогою батьків).
    Вартість: 47грн /книга

    Доставка: самовивіз Київ, або відправка Новою Поштою після 100% передоплати за книги (доставку оплачує отримувач ) . Ціна кінцева . Обміну,повернення, чи накладного(наложеного платежу) немає.

    - подивитись на сайті https://collins.co.uk/products/9780007235940

    PinkА/Band 1A
    1) In a Pit
    Sid is sad because his dad is in a pit, but he comes up with a cunning plan to get him out and play a trick on the man that put him there at the same time!
    • Focus phonemes: s, a, t, i, p, n, m, d.

    2) Pam Naps
    While Pam naps in her rocking chair, her cats cause havoc around her – but will their noise be enough to wake her up?

    Pink B level/Band 1B
    3) No, Sid, No!
    When Mum leaves Sid by himself in the house, he sits patiently waiting for her to return. But when a cat climbs in through the window, Sid jumps into action to chase the intruder away – with disastrous consequences!

    4) Get up, Tom!
    Everyone is up, but Tom is still in bed. Even cat and dog try waking Tom.

    Red A/Band 2A
    5) Panda´s Band
    Panda enjoys playing his drums, but would love to put together a band and share his music with others.

    6 ) Puff the Pup - Tony Mitton & James Cottell
    Puff the pup is digging a hole and finding lots of interesting things. But what does he find right at the bottom of the hole, and what is hidden inside it?

    7) Top Dog - Laura Hambleton
    Can Bob compete against Fin, Tess and Biff in a range of competitions to be the best top dog?

    8) Pat the Rat - Honor Head & Julian Mosedale
    Stan and Pam are dinosaurs who are overjoyed when they are given a pet rat called Pat. However, when Pat goes missing, Stan and Pam look everywhere and end up enlisting the help of some friends to find her.

    Red B/Band 2B
    9) Goat´s Coat
    Goat loves her red coat and Fox loves his spotty socks – but he wants Goat’s coat too, and sets out to steal it from her. Will Goat and Fox ever be able to find a compromise to keep them both happy?
    • Curriculum links: Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Have a developing awareness of their own needs, views and feelings, and be sensitive to the needs, views and feelings of others

    10) Bot on the Moon
    Bot , the golf-loving robot, is going for a trip in his rocket ship.
    • The focus phonemes practised in this book are oo (moon), z and ar. Other phonemes practised are sh and ng.

    11) The Mouse and the Monster
    When a wee mouse meets a big, hungry monster on the road, he needs to think fast. This is a lively retelling of a traditional story by Martin Waddell.
    • The focus phonemes in this book are sh, er, oa and ng. Other phonemes practised are ou (ground), th (this), th (thin), ee, w, oo (look), ie (lie) and ch.

    12) This is Me and This is Pip - Sally Symes
    Pip and the narrator play together in the garden, in the park and by the seaside in this fun poem that is full of action and has a strong outdoors theme.

    Yellow/Band 3
    13) I Spy Fly
    The fly was hungry, and buzzed over to the park to see what he could find. In the park he quickly spied lots of food, but found getting that food was much less straightforward!

    14) Horse Up a Tree
    When Horse went up a tree one day, he didn’t think about how to get down again – and now he’s stuck. The sheep, the ducks, the hens and Farmer come to help him in this comical tale by Martin Waddell.
    • The focus phonemes in this book are ay, ow (show), a-e and o-e.
    • You can use the table in the Farmer’s handbook on the final spread to discuss how the animals and the farmer solve Horse’s problem.

    15) Bart the Shark
    Bart the Shark is big and bad. Bart the Shark is feeling mad! Find out what happens to the little fish when Bart the Shark comes to visit, in this very funny rhyming story. The book is brightly illustrated with 3D cartoons by Jon Stuart.
    • The focus phonemes in this book are a-e, ea (sea), i-e and y.

    There are lots of different feelings caused by things around us, things we eat and things we do.

    Blue / Band 4 - A
    17) The Small Bun
    A hungry man and his wife baked a small bun. But as soon as they put it on their plate, the bun jumped up and ran off.
    • The focus phoneme in this book is al (small).

    18) Mole and the New Hole
    Winter is coming and Mole is looking for a new hole to stay in, but he doesn’t want to be on his own. Will any of the other animals let him share their home?
    • The focus phoneme in this book is -are (share).

    19)Catching the Moon
    Prince Hal is upset – he wants the moon. So the King and Queen send their servants, Grim and Crumb, out to catch the moon for him, with hilarious consequences.

    20) Hansel and Gretel
    Hansel and Gretel are left all alone in the Brown Wood, and have to try to find their way home.
    • The focus phonemes in this book are oy, ir, au (Paul), al, aw and air.
    • Use the story map on the final spread to discuss Hansel and Gretel’s route home.
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